Are You 'Self-Medicating' With Food & Alcohol??

Busy lives, stress, long work hours and technology over load is meaning that many of us may be hitting the bottle or the biscuit tin at the end of the day. This releases a temporary feeling of euphoria which has a calming and relaxing effect.

After a hard day, the desire for a deserved reward makes us feel good and then it can become an addictive habit which is very hard to break.

Emotional eaters behave in a similar way and  use food as a source of comfort.

Food and alcohol are drugs and can be just as addictive as nicotine, cocaine and heroin etc

Like any drug, the effects of the 'high' are short lived with experiencing nasty withdrawal effects.

Drinking too much alcohol every night leads to feeling very groggy the next day, irregular sleeping pattern, possibly even driving whilst still being intoxicated. People who binge on food suffer feelings of low self esteem, guilt and depression.

Trying to break the habit is virtually impossible without professional help, but many people would not like to go into or admit they need therapy and end up suffering in silence. The ongoing cycle just gets worse and over the years having a cumulative damaging effect on health and well-being. Excess alcohol causes damage to the liver which may end up with permanent cirrosis, excess food causes obesity which increases the risk of chronic disease such as diabetes.

So, how can we stop this and help ourselves?

The answer may be easier than you think to achieve. The medication used in the SkinnyJab programmes has been proven to curb cravings, stop binge eating, reduce desire for alcohol.

In Sweden, Liraglutide is given to ex- alcoholics as a preventative measure to help stop them drinking again.

Delph Consultancy Ltd who owns SkinnyJab has been monitoring their patients who are emotional eaters and there has been a huge decrease in these patients using food to relieve stress.

The medication combined with our unique diet plans can break your bad habits and get you back on the right track again for a healthier future.

All clinical staff who work for SkinnyJab are highly trained and specialists in mental health, addiction therapies and eating disorders.

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