British Authorities Powerless to Control Foreign Online Pharmacies

The war with unscrupulous online pharmaceutical activities rages on. I actually don't know how they are still getting away with it. Nothing seems to be stopping these organisations from continuing to operate. The British drug & pharmaceutical authorities have tried to eliminate this problem with the interests of keeping the public safe. Its a battle that they don't appear to be winning, they sue them, fine them, but then they just open up again with a new company. The legal costs have got too much to continually fight these companies. So the net result is that these foreign pharmaceutical outlets are continuing to deceive and lie to the British public. Their latest advertising stunt is using the good name of the NHS to sell you their drugs.

Any drug bought online has not gone through the rigorous standards or safety checks that are mandatory for any drug prescribed or purchased from a UK recognised pharmacy such as Lloyds, Numark, Rowlands, Boots etc. Basically anywhere with a proper retail premises is ok, one that you can physically go into, not one that is pretending to have a base here in Britain, but in reality its just a virtual address.

Online pharmacies are not only highly dangerous, but are destroying the business of our local High Street chemists. They are advertising that they are linked with the NHS, that you can get your prescription from them. This is a complete lie and another advertising ploy to make the public believe that its all kosher. No British GP would advocate that you process your prescription this way. Reason being that going down this route, there is no guarantee that the drugs are to British standards and will not have been adequately screened or checked.

Members of the general public need to wake up to this, stop listening and believing everything you see. Online prescriptions and the pharmacies behind it are a big con and not only that it could damage someones health. The prescriber will be some obscure doctor based outside the UK (if you are lucky) or will most likely be an unregulated pharmacy owner who doesn't give one jot about you, just wants to flog his drugs to you. This is about making money, its not about you or anything else, they don't give a damn about you. The British authorities are fighting a losing battle with all this because they getting too big now. The 'nanny society' can't stop you ordering online, so its up to you to make the right decision and keep yourselves safe.

Dr Google doesn't work, self diagnosis is a risk to your health . As a healthcare professional who has gone through years and years of training only to be told by some daft 19 year old that I'm prescribing the wrong doses of Saxenda because she read the generic guidelines on a pharmaceutical website, (who are not clinicians or prescribers) so it must be correct. We know the law and we know our medicine, if you haven't  gone to medical school or obtained a masters degree in advanced clinical practice, then don't tell us our job.

Delph Consultancy Ltd who exclusively owns the trademarked brand 'SkinnyJab' has a duty of care to each one of their patients. We have a team solely dealing with aftercare and support, this is crucial to you losing weight and getting your desired results. A drug can only do so much, continual guidance and dietary advice are also a very important part of this to get the real results. try getting any of that from your imaginary 'Online Doctor' friend.

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