CEO of SkinnyJab To Sue Beauty Salons

Caroline Balazs, (pictured outside her Harley St clinic) the CEO of Delph Consultancy Ltd and founder of SkinnyJab has had enough of beauty salons, aesthetics clinics, nail bars & tanning shops breaching copyright by using her trademarked brand. She recently made the following statement

We at SkinnyJab, have a strict policy to NOT operate from beauty based establishments as it is unsafe to do so. Obesity management is a complex subject and we do not condone practitioners prescribing outside their area of competence or untrained non clinical staff responsible for dealing with patients in this highly specialist area of expertise. Salons are not equipped or have adequately qualified staff to support or advise patients throughout out their weight-loss journey . The medication involved is potent and could be lethal in the wrong hands or without adequate dosage monitoring’

The SkinnyJab Team is  handling increased call volumes from patients ‘thinking’ they bought a SkinnyJab programme from their local salon, only to find that they have paid a lot of money for a drug that without correct dosage guidance, no specific dietary advice and no aftercare support, and finding that this has been a very expensive and dangerous mistake.

The SkinnyJab Team experience, is unique to SkinnyJab. All appointments go through one access point via the Manchester  head office with our specially trained staff. For enquiries, If you not calling the central number 0330 9000 970, then you are not calling SkinnyJab.

A proper in-depth face to face medical consultation including 3-4 week starter pack, the medication, correct dosage individual to the patient, menus, diet plans, progress charts, regular reviews etc is £210 for the genuine SkinnyJab programme which also includes free ongoing 24/7 support & advisory service, access to private patient areas on the website & Facebook. Salons do not have the time, training nor capacity to deal with this aspect of the programme. As SkinnyJab are the largest provider in the UK, subsequent and repeat programmes are priced at just over £100. SkinnyJab do not have to pay high salon commissions so can afford to pass the saving on to their patients.

The time has come to stop fooling and misleading the public and potentially threatening health. Over the past few months, the media team at SkinnyJab head office in Manchester have been researching and locating establishments who have stolen copyright photographs of SkinnyJab patients and who are claiming to hold ‘SkinnyJab’ clinics at their premises.

The legal team at Delph Consultancy Ltd head quarters have now been instructed by Caroline to take action. Any establishments using the SkinnyJab brand either by hash tagging, copying website material, SEO, using patient or company owned photographs, holding false ‘SkinnyJab’ clinics. These companies will now be held accountable for their actions. They have been notified of intent to enforce litigation and fined if all copyright material relating to SkinnyJab is not completely removed from their websites and social media platforms by Friday 3rd August 2018. Using the word ‘SkinnyJab’ either verbally or written to promote a weight-loss service in a beauty salon or similar premises will not only have serious and costly legal consequences to the owner, but could shut their entire business down.

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