Clare's Bikini Body Ready Success Story!

My SkinnyJab® journey started months ago, when I first researched what SkinnyJab® was, and I wish I’d started it then, but I didn’t!

Roll on a few months to the day I went wedding dress shopping. I was 5ft 2inches and 11st 5lbs, so felt like a hippo in a tutu. Not even a £3,000 dress could give me a waist. I got through a whole box of tissues that day, and unfortunately my tears were not happy ones. I left the day feeling huge and ugly and not wanting to talk about the experience again. I found a beautiful dress but was horrified by how I looked in it.

So I did what most people do after that – found a local liposuction surgeon and booked in for a consultation.

In the consultation I was drawn all over, and told for a huge amount of money, I could have 4lbs of fat sucked out, but that I would be left with saggy skin on my stomach, and I’d be bloated and need to wear a full body compression garment for 6 weeks. A compression garment on my summer holiday with the family was not the look I was going for!

On the walk from the consultant’s office to the care I rang SkinnyJab®. I couldn’t get to a clinic, so I booked in for a FaceTime consultation at 4pm that day, and off I headed to Tesco to get my blood pressure and blood sugar tested.

I had my consultation at 4pm, I was shown how to use the pen and had all my questions answered. By 10am 2 days later my pen arrived in the post, with all my support info and I started SkinnyJab®.

For the first few days I felt a little sick after eating, but that subsided quite quickly. The sickness came back on day 10 when I increased my dosage, but stopped after a few days. A few evenings I would get heartburn, but a spoon of Gaviscon and that went away. The only side effect that lasted was a dry mouth, that stayed with me every day, but it encouraged me to drink water, so it wasn’t that bad.

One week in and I’d lost 7lbs, week 2 I’d lost another 3lbs. I ordered my second pen so I could continue, week 3 and I’d lost another 3lbs and then another. I’ve now completed my 2 pens and I’ve lost 17lbs in total, at a fraction of the cost of liposuction!

I went back to try the beautiful wedding dress on. Not only do I love the dress, but I now love me in the dress to, and I am so excited for all my friends and family to see me in it. Goodbye hippo in a tutu!

I’m on holiday with the family soon, so I’m going to take a break from SkinnyJab®, then continue once I’m home. I’d like to lose another 7 lbs, which I know I can do. It’s been so easy, and I love that I see results so quickly.

Attached are a few before and after pictures. I haven’t worn a bikini or a bellybar since I was 21 (16 years ago). I will proudly be wearing bikinis on this family holiday and as you can see in the after pics I have my bellybar in.

Thank you SkinnyJab®. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

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