Courtney's Story

Hi All, I am writing this with regards to my positive experience with SkinnyJab and how it has changed my life!

Here we go...

At first, I was apprehensive when I was introduced to SkinnyJab. My best friend had offered to buy The SkinnyJab Programme as a Christmas present as my weight was really getting me down! So I decided it was worth a try. I went for my consultation at the clinic in Manchester and Caroline explained everything to me in detail, completely putting my mind at ease. Caroline took my blood sugar and pressure and reviewed my medical history to make sure I was fit enough to proceed with the SkinnyJab. Caroline ran through the do's and don'ts, the dietary programme and the aftercare service they provide if I ever needed to talk to someone. She explained everything clearly,  it was a very professional environment and I felt confident.

The next day I received my package from SkinnyJab and so I began my weight loss journey!

Only just 2 days into starting the pen all my sugary cravings had disappeared.

1 week into using SkinnyJab, I did feel a bit weak so I phoned the helpline and they brought  me in to check my blood sugar levels and blood pressure, which were fine.

I discussed with Caroline what I’d been eating and having for my breakfast. She told me I wasn’t eating enough and I wasn't eating enough carbs before my jab, she gave me a clearer idea of what I could try next. After my chat with Caroline I realised it’s very important to have certain foods before and after the jab. She provided me a diet programme and it was so easy!

Within in the first 15 days I had lost 1 stone! I just couldn’t believe it! I felt fitter than ever and all my bloating had disappeared, I felt really confident within myself.

I started my journey at 14st 4 pounds and finished it at 13 stone, losing 3 inches off my waist all in just 3 weeks. I automatically thought the weight would go straight back on when I stopped using the programme but I’ve not used SkinnyJab for nearly 2 months now and I have not gained a single pound and my sweet tooth isn’t half as bad.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who struggles with weight loss or simply knows they need to lose weight but has no will power because it gets rid of all your bad cravings and seeing the results just gives you that motivation to keep going.

I had tried the 'eat less, move more' which of course your GP tells you to do, but I didn’t get very far with this method. I had also tried every fad diet like Juice Plus which I starved on and it cost double the price. I also tried BooTea detox with little results so I am really overwhelmed by my results with SkinnyJab!

Feeling more confident than ever, I can see the weight loss within my face! I treated myself to a make over and I have never felt so happy looking in the mirror

I am now going to start my second course soon, SkinnyJab really has changed my life and the support from Caroline and her team has been amazing. Thank you so much SkinnyJab!

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