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With recent clinical research, it has been confirmed that there is a 20% higher chance of contracting Covid-19 and 40% more chance of dying from the disease, if you are overweight. I'm not just writing this article to push more business through my company, I'm trying to highlight the importance of keeping as healthy as we possibly can through these difficult times.

At present, the NHS is doing very little in helping people who suffer with obesity. This isn't because they don't want too, they just don't have the resources to fund such an operation. All you can get via the NHS is basic diet and exercise advice and discounted gym membership (in some areas) if you are lucky. If this worked, then none of us would be fat, but this isnt enough. The answers are there, the drugs are there, but its up to specialist private companies, like ours to really tackle the problem.

Hopefully in the future, we can have a subsidised system for HNS patients where they can have access to the licensed medication and our full support system. This would be fantastic and I would very much welcome such a scheme.

We know what we are doing and we are the healthcare company to treat you. Same way as you wouldn't ask your GP to perform open heart surgery on you, still qualified in medicine, but not specialist in that particular area. This is exactly the same, we are qualified in obesity management, so you need our expert advice and guidance to get the best results for losing weight and adopting a healthier attitude towards food.

Trying to lose weight without some kind of assistance is really hard, we've all been there. None of us want to be walking around like stick thin supermodels, the majority of us just want to  rid ourselves of excess weight, look better in our clothes and feel better about ourselves. Our bodies are so used to sugar that it is really hard to undo the years of damage without a little assistance and this is where we come in.

Its also not about losing a few pounds that will go straight back on and more afterwards, its about re-setting and re-calibrating your metabolism. This is a life longterm plan, for long after you have stopped using the medicated part of the programme.

When you start a SkinnyJab programme with us, we are in contact at every stage, usually once or twice a week from your clinical advisor and clinician. There is always someone at the end of a phone if you need any further advice or simply having a bad day!

So let us help support you every inch of the way!

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I've linked some recent press articles relating to Covid -19 & Obesity below


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