Food to boost your mood!

We can all use a little mood-booster during the lockdown, which is why today we’re going to share with you some foods that you can add to your diet that are known to have an uplifting effect on your mood. Keep reading to see our list of perky foods! 

Green Tea  

Okay, this one is a drink, but it can be the perfect way to start your day. You associate tea as a soothing drink, but green tea contains theanine. This is known to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as lifting your mood. A cup of this in the morning can set you off for a perfect day. 

Dark Chocolate  

There’s a reason we love chocolate so much, it’s because it creates a chemical reaction that makes us happy! Dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants, as well as containing phenylethylamine (PEA). This is the chemical that our brain produces when we fall in love, which effectively releases endorphins – the chemical that makes us happy. A piece of dark chocolate as a treat will cure your sweet tooth and boost your mood! 


Salmon is a superfood when it comes to mood-boosting, it is packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids which are shown to improve our moods. A study in the journal of Pharmacological Research has shown that this can lift your spirits and combat depression.  


If you’re a spice lover, this will be music to your ears. This yellow spice which can be added to curries and soups to add a delicious kick is as positive as it is tasty! Turmeric contains curcumin which is known to enhance mood and works against depression. 


The ideal snack for anybody looking to perk up. Walnuts are jam-packed with B vitamins, this helps to keep your mood balanced, fight against your fatigue and reduce anxiety and stress. This is combined with the rich Omega-3 acids that are found in walnuts too, which help the brain to function properly. 

It just goes to show that when you reward your body with organic and healthier foods, your mood will brighten. If the lockdown is leaving you feeling bored or blue, why not try cooking up some delicious new recipes with some of these ingredients?  

We have a banana bread recipe here, which you could add some walnuts and dark chocolate to for a delicious, mood-boosting snack.  

Make sure you stay tuned to our IGTV, as we are sharing lots of tasty recipes each week with our own Skinny Jab chef Chris and the wonderful Kerry Katona. Our team are here to help your weight loss journey to be sustainable, achievable and most importantly – enjoyable. 

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