FREE SkinnyJab Programme For Nurses

With the recent news that there is a direct link between obesity and higher risk of contracting Covid-19, it got me thinking as to how I could help.

I am a registered nurse and do feel very guilty that I can't do my bit on the front line in this crisis.

We have had a great response from health workers who are looking to lose weight. Long shifts, stress and crazy hours make it impossible to stick to a healthy regime without a little help.

The medication part of the programme evens out sugar levels using your own fat stores as a source of energy. Hunger is curbed and can keep going through the most harrowing of shifts. Feeling energised and not grabbing junk food due to dips in blood sugar. At the same time  losing weight and because there are no cravings, naturally chose healthier options and changing bad habits

We need our nurses to be strong and healthy, many of you are not which makes you even more susceptible to becoming unwell. You are not only exposed to Covid-19, but to so many other diseases and infections on a daily basis.

We have had a lot of enquiries from nurses, but they simply can't afford the programme on their salaries.

So this is what I am going to do:

If you are a nurse working for the NHS who has already done our daily programme with a BMI over 30, I am going to offer you one 6-8 week course of our stronger weekly jab worth £450, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

If you have never done the programme and have a BMI over 30, I will offer you a 6-8 week course of the daily jab. COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE

To be eligible:

You must be on the NMC register,

Have a BMI >30,

Have a valid NHS card

Have an NHS email address

Be currently employed and working for the NHS over 16 hours per week

Be suitable for treatment with no contraindications

You must be committed to losing weight and follow the programme

Its a limited allocation of one 6-8 week programme per nurse

I am going to fund this out of my own money for the first 100 nurses that are suitable for treatment

Then I am going to donate £25 from each sale to fund another 50 nurses

If you would like to help fund a nurse through a 6-8 week weight-loss programme, all we ask is a donation of £100.

We are making absolutely no profit from this at all and all monies donated goes directly to cover medication costs.

You will know the nurse that you are helping and be able to follow their progress

In 6-8 weeks our patients can lose 2-3 stone, this will significantly improve health

'Nurses Save Lives. We Need To Protect Their Lives'

If you would like to help a nurse lose weight and get healthy then please email us at

The SkinnyJab® Program

What's The Process?
Free SkinnyJab®
Book a no-obligation chat with our highly trained clinical advisors. We'll check your BMI & general health. We'll also answer any questions you have.
Get Your Tailored 
SkinnyJab® Plan
If you're suitable for the program & happy to progress, we'll tailor the plan to your needs & provide the best options that match your lifestyle.
Reach Your Goals Using 
We'll deliver your SkinnyJab pack in 3-5 days & you'll have access to our
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