Has Dieting Messed Up Your Metabolism?

No matter what you do, does your body feel like it's constantly in a low gear?

This could be as a result of yo-yo dieting from the past.

Carrying excess weight isn't necessarily about eating excessive amounts of food

Find out how to stop being stuck on red and give yourself a green light!

Whatever diet we have ever done, its always involved reducing our daily intake of calories. As probably most women now in late 40's and 50's, I came from an era of fads and false claim diets, I've done them all!! I had put my body through hell, only to wind up fatter than when I started.

As a result of all this effort, I had screwed up my metabolism from years of these punishing regimes. No one told me about the metabolism 'side-effect' that this kind of of dieting causes, giving me a life sentence and created a long lasting battle and enemy out of food.

My weight problem was locked in and nothing I could do about it, the key had been thrown away. I had no choice but to remain trapped and prisoner inside a body of excess fat. I really was a thin person screaming to get out!!

But one day, two years ago, I was given parole, finally released, the key was found in the form of SkinnyJab and I was set free!

A common problem of traditional dieting is that the body goes into 'starvation mode', metabolic rate slows down to compensate for the calorie deficit. When you stop the diet and start eating normally again, the body naturally protects itself by storing up fat more efficiently. The net result is putting all the weight back on and more.

Excess body fat causes lowering of basal metabolic rate (BMR). Women generally have a higher fat ratio to muscle than men which is why they struggle more with weight issues. Throw menopause into the mix and its a recipe for disaster! The causative factor being a drop in hormones that normally promote energy use. This is why losing weight at this time is even harder.

So how does SkinnyJab help?

The medication part of the programme seems to have an effect on how we burn calories and speeds up metabolism. The drug has no effect on reducing muscle, it only works on releasing energy from your fat stores. So as the ratio of muscle over fat increases so does your metabolic rate. This combined with a good healthy diet and moderate exercise has a very positive effect on the body, improving metabolic rate by lowering fat content and cholesterol levels and increasing muscle ratio.

Patients have reported that their body feels 're-calibrated' after finishing the course. The drug works by more efficiently utilising your own fat reserves and converting into the energy that the body needs for everyday cellular function. This improved efficiency also has an effect on how you burn calories from food consumption too, meaning that less sugars are converted in to your fat stores keeping you more lean.

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