HOT NEWS! Kerry Katona's Reveals That Fabulous Weight-Loss Using SkinnyJab

SkinnyJab can finally reveal that SkinnyJab is behind Kerry Katona's weight-loss. Caroline has been working with Kerry for some time using the once weekly programme called Skinny7.

Kerry says

'The results have been truly amazing! I can't believe that I don't yo-yo diet anymore, my cravings are controlled. I have a fantastic and really healthy relationship with food these days. My mental health has improved ten-fold. Its all thanks to SkinnyJab, they are incredible'

Caroline says

'Its been an absolute pleasure helping Kerry, she is a very talented lady. For that reason we are very proud to announce that she will be our latest ambassador for SkinnyJab.

We have had recent in depth discussions about her role within the company and it is really clear that Kerry emulates so many women on such a multi-faceted level.

I have nothing but respect for this woman because we have all made mistakes, but its the learning how to correct them and work on self improvement to achieve amazing personal life goals. Kerry has done this the hard way and won.

Kerry grew up in the public eye and how she survived it all is an absolute miracle. But out of all the mishaps and disasters along the way, what has materialised and evolved is not just a stunningly beautiful creature, but a perceptive, clever, very articulate individual and most of all, a totally devoted mum.

SkinnyJab is not just about losing weight, its about improving the quality of your life to be healthier and happier. I feel that Kerry has the necessary skills to deliver this message with empathy and honesty, so for those reasons, we are delighted to have her on board'

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