How Does A Tee-Total Enjoy A Glass Of Wine?

I have avoided alcohol for many years now since splitting my liver in half by falling on a metal dog bowl in 2015 (yes, bizarre, but true!!). Long story which won't bore you all with, but I was seriously ill in hospital with internal bleeding and two pieces of liver floating about loose in my abdominal cavity for several weeks. Since the accident I have been very careful about over loading my liver with toxins and although now fully healed, I have become very conscious about keeping myself in optimal health at all times.

There have been times when going out that I have felt very unsociable sticking to my boring sparkling water. I also really enjoyed the taste of wine back in the day.

About 2 years ago I happened to be wondering down the wine aisle in Tesco's looking for a Christmas gift. And there it was, a vision in a bottle!! A full bodied rich red of a Cabernet Sauvignon with zero alcohol content. I was nevertheless a bit dubious about all this, maybe it tasted like anti-freeze or was it a 70's throw back to the 'gut-rot' days of Concorde and Blue Nun. I read the ingredients and the information on the label, apparently the wine was made from grapes via the normal way and then went through a process to eliminate the alcohol, but keeping all the taste.

Still not convinced, but for £3.50, was worth a try even if I did end up pouring it down the sink.

Well from that moment on, my life was changed. I dusted off a big old red wine glass out of the cabinet and poured.

Looked like wine, smelt like wine and guess what, tasted just like wine!! I was made up and with only 28 calories a glass, this was a miracle from the Gods. Water really had turned into wine!

So when I'm not on the SkinnyJab programme, I treat myself to a lovely glass of this gorgeous nectar. Still has the same relaxing effect even after a mad crazy day at the office.

When socialising, I take a bottle with me, so I don't look like a complete kill-joy. Even my Mum and Dad are now converted to non-alcoholism!!

It is also available in white, rose and sparkling varieties which are equally lovely.

I really hope that everyone switches to this far more healthier alternative

Most supermarkets stock a variety of alcohol free wines. I have tried them all now and they are all fantastic. Finally a way to drink and drive with no hangover!

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