How the programme drives long-term weight loss

Many clients come to Skinny Jab after years of yo-yo diets and trying the latest fads.

They have never been able to find a solution that allows them to achieve their long-term weight loss goals. Dieting alone generally fails to keep weight off and those who successfully manage to stay at their target weight, usually do so through a combination of solutions. 


As well as having a good understanding of the nutritional element of weight loss, knowing the exercise requirements for weight loss is also very important. Skinny Jab is a programme that combines all the key dependencies that enable long-term weight loss, it does not claim to be an overnight miracle treatment and it is more than just the injection. 


Whilst the programme involves appetite-suppressing injections that act as a catalyst for kickstarting the weight loss journey, there is a science-based programme to follow that each Skinny Jab user is provided with.  


Developed by experts 


The programme has been developed by clinical experts and trained nutritionists, to create a powerful and effective formula to be used in conjunction with the jabs. As well as meal plans that have been designed to achieve long-lasting results, there are specific exercise plans that are proven to be most successful in combination with the other elements of the programme.  


These plans are not just about doing exercise, they define which types of exercises to do, at what level of intensity and for how long, to achieve optimal results. They are customised to different fitness levels and weight loss targets, delivering the most effective solution depending on the person’s specific details. 


Exclusive access to tips and fitness/nutrition insights 


Skinny Jab’s success is not purely down to the effectiveness of the appetite suppressing injections, the whole programme works together in synergy to get the required results. 


On our social channels, we also post daily motivation to help our members stay inspired and keep weight off. From useful tips to sharing success stories to give people more inspiration when they might be struggling, there are so many channels of support to lean on and benefit from. 


Before anybody starts the Skinny Jab programme, they are medically screened through our online consultation by our team of clinical experts. If you think you would like to start the Skinny Jab programme, click here to start your online medical consultation. 

The SkinnyJab® Program

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