How to stay motivated on a diet!

At the start of your diet, you’re filled with inspiration and motivation and it all seems so exciting, fast forward to a few weeks in and you feel like you haven’t met any of your goals. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural for people’s motivation to dip when they get properly into their diets or a new lifestyle, so you’re not alone in that.

What is important is that when you do start to feel yourself losing that motivation, you try your hardest to get back that inspiration. To help you out, we have put together some tips on how to stay motivated – even when it feels like nothing is happening.

Remember why you started

Everyone has their own personal reasons for starting a diet or changing their lifestyle and the most important part of staying motivated is to keep remembering that reason. Whether it’s to feel more confident, to get back into your favourite pair of jeans or just be healthier – remember it. Is it worth giving up on? No! So, don’t give up, keep pushing and that reason will become your reality.

Take before and after pictures

If you aren’t feeling particularly great about yourself before your diet, you may be reluctant to take a photo of yourself but it’s the best thing you can do! Taking a picture at the start of your diet and then one every week after will help you see the small progress that you don’t even realise is happening. If you’re feeling unmotivated it’s likely due to not seeing any drastic progress, which is why before and after pictures will help motivate you.

Surround yourself with success

Why do we all love weight-loss reality shows? Because it shows us that people can overcome everyday obstacles to achieve their goals and that includes you. Talking to like-minded people who maybe have overcome this step of feeling de-motivated or even just seeing somebody else going through the same process can spark that inspiration again.  That’s why we have our Skinny Jab community pages so that people can share their stories and inspire others.

Reward Yourself

We’re all very accustomed to criticising ourselves – “I should have lost this by now” “I’m not doing as well I wanted” are common criticisms we hear people saying to themselves. But the more you criticise yourself, the less motivation you will have. If you’re hard on yourself, you will feel as though you’re not achieving anything. When you take your before and after pictures, or if you do a weight check-in, give yourself a well done for any progress. Even if you have lost a small amount of weight, it’s more than what you would have lost without your diet!

We know that overhauling your diet can be challenging and of course, there are going to be a few bumps in the road, but the result will all be worth it – we promise!

Our team at Skinny Jab are always on hand to help with your questions, so if you do need any help or assistance regarding your Skinny Jab diet then just call us on 0203 8021 817 or email us at

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