'I Got My Jeans On With SkinnyOne!'

This is my story of how SkinnyJab and SkinnyOne have changed my life!

My SkinnyJab experience started in February 2018, I lost 3 stone on The SkinnyJab Programme. Having successfully controlling my weight myself for a few months, over Christmas I put on about 12lbs, not bad, but there was no way I was going back to the weight I was.

So in January, I discussed my options with Caroline. I explained to her that injecting everyday was sometimes inconvenient with my busy lifestyle and schedule. She suggested that I try the newly launched 'SkinnyOne". This was one injection at the clinic, every 2 weeks or so. This sounded a great option for me.

At the clinic in Stockport, I had a full MOT and overhaul and was then injected with SkinnyOne.

Not a painful procedure, over in seconds.

I could feel it kicking in the very next day. I was still a bit hungry, but my appetite was definitely starting to suppress.

By day 3, I was sticking to the healthy SkinnyJab meal plan, with no trouble. My hunger pangs completely gone with no side-effects.

By day 6, I had lost 4 lbs.

By day 12, I could feel the hunger coming back, but it was controllable, so I decided to have another jab on Day 14. Straight away it worked and felt even better than the first.

In the 4 weeks I had lost the excess 12lbs, so delighted and I was back in my jeans again!!

To keep my weight under control, I am going to continue having SkinnyOne maybe once a month to maintain my weight goal. Its not as drastic as SkinnyJab, but really does keep 'the munchies' at bay for longterm maintenance. Plus no more daily injections, so for me I can stick with a healthy calorie controlled dietary plan without the hassle

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