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The Jab Is Mightier Than A Salad!

Losing weight is hard. Realistically most of us do not have time for gym or preparing healthy meals. I work long hours and craved sweet treats all the time. Dieting is not easy, in fact for me it feels like hell, I have lost weight in the past but the mental and emotional sacrifice never felt worth the reward. Food gives me such a high,its been my crutch to lean on, my medication, my go to comforter for every felt emotion.

Dieting in the past has been a constant battle of wills,the day will start off well but after seeing a colleague eat biscuits or watching an advert on TV for chocolate it would be a mental war zone in my head trying to convince myself that I didn't need that treat or that I'm not ''losing out'' Eating healthy left me feeling depressed, miserable and bitter(ironic right!).I was not able to fight this food addiction on my own.I needed something to take my cravings away and that's where my hunt began which lead me to finding Skinnyjab.

I don't want to bore you with my sad pity story as things have changed drastically...Here are some happy bullet points of hope

First started jabbing 9th Feb 2019 ,
Weight: 61kg
Height 4ft 11,
Mood: Nervous.

Posed for my starting point fat photos (argh!)

Followed the first 4 days diet plan as provided,easy as pie (pie even the word would usually send me in frenzy and yet here I am feeling very blasé about it)

Day 5 Happy Valentines day..not craving or longing for my annual chocolate hearts..this is weird! Loads of chocolate adverts on Tv and I feel fine!

Day 6 Had a tricky situation at work.. I didn't reach for chocolate to suppress the emotions..mm this pen thing is really working well.Hunger level Zero!

Day 7 This feels too easy ,whats the catch?

Weight 57 kg!! WOW WOW WOW

Updated fat photos taken!

Day 8 I feel so calm about this whole diet,the craving Demon is gone.This feels like bliss

DAY 9 - Happy to report all is still bliss,Love the pen not only helping with weight loss but also my sugar levels are normal- no more shakes during the day for me!

Will continue jabbing,due to take updated weight loss photos this weekend

6th April.

Current weight 53Kg
Mood: Calm and happy

So far : 17.6 lbs in just 8 weeks  

Thank You SkinnyJab ❤️

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