Our War With Weight & Fight With Food

For anyone who has spent a lifetime of dieting, it feels like a constant battle that you never end up winning.

That basically because 'diets' don't work

The repetitive cycle of 3 months to lose some weight, to then put it all back on (and usually  more), 3 minutes later is simply exhausting for mind, body and soul.

Understanding how your body works is key to understanding that all these fad diets are a complete con and waste of money.

And if another 'skinny' so called nutrition expert squeals 'just eat less & exercise more'.....its not helping the situation, so please shut-up!!

Basically, when you attempt the another diet  for the zillionth time, apart from being hungry and miserable throughout the whole process, its not doing your health much good either. Without going into too much science, when 'dieting' the body starts 'conserving fat' and the metabolism slows down. Net result is total confusion and when you start start eating normally again, you absorb up every calorie like a swelling sponge.

Then you feel like a total failure, so you end up eating eating your entire body weight in chocolate anyway, which sends insulin levels rocketing and the whole system is sent into more confusion. By this stage not only is your body that's screwed up, but your head is completed mashed too!! Anyone who has spent years of yo-yo dieting will identify with all of this!! Then food becomes the enemy and its at the forefront of your mind everyday.

As someone who has battled with my weight all my life, I finally got some reprieve 3 years ago when I started using Saxenda injections. For the first time in 30 years, my very rocky relationship with food was over and we are now firm friends. I was finally given 'a get out of jail' card and since my parole I've never looked back since and so enjoying my new found freedom.

I can now eat everything I want without guilt or without bloating up like a blow fish! I feel that my body works, dare I say it, 'like a thin person'. My metabolism no longer operates like a slug in reverse. My health and well being is so much improved, its honestly changed my life on so many levels.

Using injections like these, is just the start, by helping the body help itself and with our help you can continue to live life without the 'dieting millstone' around your neck.

SkinnyJab is about getting you on the right track for the long term, life is too short and we should be enjoying every second, not dreading another day of fat fighting.



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