Purify & Boost Your Metabolism

January is here already!!

Lets start as we mean to go on!

Here are some very simple easy recipes for revitalising drinks that will purge your body of all that Christmas excess!

Dawn Detox

Every morning upon waking


250ml boiled water

1 tsp organic crushed/grated fresh ginger

2 tbs freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 tsp organic honey

Boil kettle and pour the water into a mug

Add ginger and the lemon juice, stir and let cool for 5 mins

Once water is not as hot,  add the honey

Do not add honey while water has just boiled,  as it takes away the effect of the honey and doesn’t do the job as effectively

Then stir again and drink

"An excellent start to the day, very good for fat burning, boosting metabolism & protecting immune system on these cold winter days"

Night- Time Relaxer

Same procedure as above, but rather than honey stir in a few drops of lavender & camomile tinctures ( available from www.theskinnycompany.com )

Drink when water is it hot and drinkable ( meaning it’s cooled down but not cold )

Apple AntiSeptic Cleanse

Same method and ingredients as the 'Dawn Detox', just add 1-2 tsps of organic apple cider vinegar. Consume up till 2pm. Great for the large bowel for elimination of candida.

If you are prone to fungal infections such as vaginal thrush or athletes foot, this is a good preventer.

Aloe Vera Juice tonic

Same method again as the 'Dawn Detox', then add in 1 tbs of pure organic aloe vera juice. This is great for helping relieve bloating and IBS symptoms

Mighty Mint Tea

'Powerful for fat burning'

1 lime

1 green tea bag

1/4 cup of fresh mint leaves

Fill a clean large mason jar with 500 ml to 1 litre of  just boiled water

Add the green tea bag.

Cool for 20 mins

Slice up the line and mint and  place in the water

Put in fridge for 30 mins

Take out the tea bag

Ready to drink through the day .

Berry Drink Invigorator

'Healthy re-hydrating drink that helps lose weight stabilise your blood sugar and boost energy 'level, great for during a work-out'

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp of lemon juice

2 tbsp of fresh frozen berries

Water & ice

Add the apple cider vinegar, lemon juice to a large cup

Then you fill the cup with the berries & ice

Then add enough water to fill the rest of the cup .

Stir for about one minute , drink and enjoy .

'Hope you find these very helpful I will send some more shortly '

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