Scammers & SkinnyJab

Just when you think it cant get any worse, it does! I actually cannot believe what some people will do for money, even putting lives at risk.

Competitors copy our name, they pretend to be us and it shocks me to think they can get away with it.

As CEO of SkinnyJab, the genuine founder, I really don't care, but when patient safety is compromised, then it upsets me. My background is nursing, its a caring profession and that will never leave me, no matter how many degrees and qualifications I achieved afterwards.

How do these charlatans with no medical knowledge, no qualifications think that they can practice like we do. We didn't go to university to learn nothing, we are highly experienced practitioners with a registration that we worked very hard to get and one that we don't want to lose. So we do everything by the book, we have a duty of care and code of conduct to keep you safe, that is why you trust us.

You can purchase this drug wherever you like, but its not that simple. Its a prescription medication for a reason, otherwise it would be available over the counter. There are risks attached and only the prescribing clinician can evaluate the risks against the benefits in each individual patient. No clinician would prescribe a drug without knowing a thorough health history. Signing any prescription is a huge responsibility, no clinician takes this lightly and will adhere to all legal protocols.

Unfortunately there is corruption, greed and fraud by individuals (criminals) who pretend to be legitimate, but are not.

Please don't let them get away with it, check out qualifications, ask who your prescriber is, if you don't get these answers then you putting your health at severe risk.

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