SkinnyJab Celebrates A Successful 1st Year!

SkinnyJab opened its doors for the first time in March 2017 to the general public with first clinics held at a small private hospital in Daresbury nr Warrington in Cheshire.

Leading up to the launch Caroline Balazs (CEO) conducted two months of intensive clinical trials adapting and formulating unique The SkinnyJab Programme for cosmetic weight-loss

The success rates were over 98% of patients losing over 7lbs in 3 weeks, but if following the plan strictly, over 70% of patients had lost over a stone in this time. Average weight loss of 13.4lb was acheived in 3 weeks. Dependant on amount needed to lose, patients had lost 3-4 stone in 6 months. The biggest noticible difference was inch-loss and even after stopping the programme over 100% of these patients have never put all the weight back on again to date

By July 2017 news and demand was increasing rapidly, news was travelling fast, this prompted the opening of another weekly clinic at No 10 Harley St in London. Then an article in the Daily Mail in 31st August 2017 took the UK by storm. SkinnyJab was now a household name and this brand was turning the diet industry on its head.

SkinnyJab became a registered trademark in September 2017 after a 4 month application process. Caroline Balazs is the founder and soul owner of this mark

By October The SkinnyJab team moved their head office and Warrington clinic to larger premises at Rutherford House and opened another weekly clinic by Manchester airport.

Caroline realised that aftercare and support were vital with the programme, not only for safety reasons, but as a duty of care, patients needed 7 day access to such a facility. Time and money was invested at this point to provide these resources, all members of the clinical and non clinical team specifically trained to provide help every step of the programme and weight loss journey. A 24 hour UK based human call centre provides a messaging service for overflow calls and during out of hours. Clinical staff available at all times, patient progress reviews, ongoing advice and contact are as standard with all SkinnyJab Programmes

The demand from beauty salon owners wanting to provide the service was also growing. Having piloted the idea in Blackpool. Caroline decided that due to the clinical and medical element associated with SkinnyJab that it would be unsafe, that nail bars, beauty or tanning salons etc were not an appropriate platform to provide the service. The medication can react differently with everyone, side effects can vary and prescribing clinicians need specialist training with these types of drugs and the dietary information given

SkinnyJab has 4 speciially trained and qualified prescribing clinicians for obesity management. A team of clinical advisors working 7 days a weekand  and only operate from accredited nationwide clinics. All bookings are made through central number via the head office in Warrington only. By Novem

ber unscrupulous salons owners were now using the SkinnyJab brand to promote their own business, these are not genuine and nothing to do with the original 'SkinnyJab'

One year on and SkinnyJab is getting better and better, more investment has been made to provide more dietary and marketing information for patients, a members area is currently being created on the website

Numerous national press articles and more to come including OK magazine, The Guardian and Mail on Sunday, social media pages are buzzing with a U-tube channel in the pipeline with even more hints, tips and advice

Over 2,500 patients have now been successfully treated on the SkinnyJab Programme with a total of 35,000 lbs of  weight lost! Which equates to just under 16 tonnes of fat!

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