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As we have been saying for months, please be careful where you buy weight loss injections from.

We are the original SkinnyJab, please do not confuse us with anyone else. Do not be fooled by rogue traders 'pretending' to be SkinnyJab or saying that they sell SkinnyJab pens, they are not genuine and not have your best intentions at heart, plus you wont get the results

Also getting the drug from your local phamacy is not the answer either. Pharmacists are not clinicians and are not trained in obesity management. We are the experts, we have been doing this for over 5 years, we know what we are doing, just look at our Trust Pilot reviews and real patient videos

Gemma Collins is our amabasador, she is exclusively working with us and this is the only product that works for her. She doesnt need our money or the controvesy that comes with it, she genuinely believes in what we do.

We have helped 1000's of patients with a support and aftercare service that is second to none

Caroline Balazs is the CEO and whilst the drug involved is expensive, there is no expense spared on your aftercare, support or clinical advice. You wont get this from any pharmacy outlet, no matter how big their name is.

You are called immediately by a nurse on recieving your medication & information pack, then again the next day with all  nutritional advice for best results. Then a minimum once a week for a progress report, you have access to fully qualified registered nurses at any point during your journey.

We should not just be treating patients who are already morbidly obese we should be helping those that are in the overweight and above catagories as a preventative measure as well as treating those who are now suffering asociated diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol as a result of obesity.

This is a safe drug compared to many other slimming methods, that are dangerous or dont work

For more information call: 0800 955 6888



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