SkinnyJab Is A Legal & Safe Corporation

Once again the competitors start having another dig, trying in vain to knock us off the top spot.

It has been brought to our attention that certain competitive parties are wrongly advising and misleading the public that we are an illegal operation.

We have written this report to reassure our patients that this is a pack of rubbish and lies

Firstly this is slander on their part and secondly it is completely untrue. Plus if people have to stoop to this level, then it says more about them than us.

The general tack is that they are scaremongering, saying that we are not CQC registered (The Care, Quality, & Control Organisation)

Here are the true facts:

We are not required by law to be CQC registered, we have had that checked out over a year ago and have spoken to the CQC on many an occasion about this and been reassured that currently,  we do not have to apply. However we are undergoing an assessment at the end of March as the law may soon change regarding this and we do want to be up to date with all legislation. However all clinical staff working at SkinnyJab have been CQC DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checked and cleared.

SkinnyJab provides the best service and care compared to others who do not have our expertise, knowledge or devotion.

We have invested £1000's in research projects to ensure that our patients get the best dietary advice to achieve even better results than just using the medication alone. We also want our patients to adopt a long term healthy lifestyle for disease prevention, not just a quick fix to lose a bit of weight

We are very very busy right now, with more specialist staff  being recruited and trained to deal with this increasing demand.

The Skinny Company and SlimCare Medical (SkinnyJab's Sisters!) with its retail outlets and clinics plan to open at least 10 more stores by the end of the year.

We are branching out into high end food and nutrition with many products aimed at achieving optimal gastrointestinal health using natural and organic products.

Our pilot store in Stockport should be fully up and running by the mid to end of March 2019

We also have a strictly 'No Plastic Policy', all our packaging is fully biodegradable, so kinder to the environment.

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