SkinnyJab Is A Service Not a Drug

If you paying under £100 for your Saxenda, then it may not be such the bargain that you thought

Unscrupulous 'Online Pharmacies', beauty salons & clinics who pretend to be us, but they are not, are selling you 5 pens for around £350

We don't need the business, we are still the first brand for medicated weight-loss and the busiest in the UK.

However we do have a duty to inform the public of what is going on here as you not getting the bargain that you think you are.

These are the facts:

The minute that a pen leaves the controlled refrigerated storage of a pharmacy, the cold chain is effectively broken. Now the clock starts ticking, you must use that pen within 30 days or the medication may denature and be rendered useless

We know this is happening because many patients who have bought from online pharmacies etc end up with useless ineffective products.

They then waste even more money, ring us and have to order again because they know that our products work. No hope of getting any refunds from these online places, so may as well have opened a drain and shoved your money down it.

There is no guarantee how these outlets have stored your medication prior to shipping, because these places are importing from abroad. How do you know that your pens haven't been sitting on a dock at Calais for several days or weeks in an uncontrolled temperature environment, well quite simply, you don't!

Also buying it from beauty salons and or picking up your pen there and then from clinics, is not only illegal, but you don't know how long your pen has been sitting in their staff fridge next to the tuna sandwiches.

With SkinnyJab there is an absolute guarantee that your medication is shipped directly to you  from our 'in house' UK pharmacy location. You receive it tracked and traced within 24-48 hours.  It doesn't take any detours or go via any scenic routes, it goes straight to you direct from the pharmacy fridge.

We only send you one or two pens maximum so that we know will be used within the 30 day window. Getting more than this at one time is a con and you may as well chuck them away.

We would rather pay for the extra postage on sending you fresh pens when you need them rather than risking them denaturing.

Ok you may pay a few extra pounds, but no point if you not going to lose those extra pounds in weight.

Saxenda is an absolutely marvellous medication for weight loss, cannot praise it enough.

It works, its safe and actually improves your health.

We couldn't ask for more. But like anything its the care and management that goes with it that really matters

Our unique diet plans have been specifically researched by SkinnyJab

Blanket and vague dietary advice, if you actually get any at all, is not good enough

We are the experts and we know how you can get the very best results from your jab. why only lose 7lbs when you could lose 16lbs in the same time frame

We will show you how!!

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