SkinnyJab Launches Support Advisor Training Courses

SkinnyJab is currently introducing nationwide weight-loss support groups for their patients.

This additional service will soon be available in most towns and cities within the next 12 months.

Patients will have the opportunity to attend a weekly 'weigh-in' and meet others who are using The SkinnyJab Programme.

This additional service will be completely free of charge, exclusive to SkinnyJab patients

Classes will be held at accessible venues throughout the UK. All locations will have available free parking.

SkinnyJab headquarters in Manchester are sifting through applications for the national support advisor roles. There is a selection process and the training course is open to individuals, not beauty salon owners as SkinnyJab provides their own meeting venues. Beauty salons or similar are not an appropriate platform for this. Obesity management is a very specialist subject and needs to be co-ordinated and controlled strictly by medical professionals.

Increasing reports of so called "SkinnyJab" clinics based in beauty salons who are handing the drug out like its a tube of face cream, is absolutely horrifying and so dangerous. Delph Consultancy Ltd understands that may beauty salons may have signed up innocently, but never the less, they should have done their homework.

Rogue companies behind these campaigns, have been conning beauty salons that its perfectly acceptable practice. Some salon owners have spent £1000's on so called 'SkinnyJab ' fake training courses to supply and sell the weight loss drug. They have been completely misled, not only breeching copyright by using the trade marked SkinnyJab name, but stocking a prescription drug that they are not qualified or accredited to house, let alone distribute to the public.

Read here about a recent report in The Kent News recently highlighting the problem

The SkinnyJab support advisor training programme is very strict with a specific business model that does not involve the advisor dealing with any clinical decisions, no analysis or storage of clinical data, no access to confidential medical notes or any other medical aftercare support. required by the patient They will not be allowed to change or alter medication dosage. The professionally qualified clinical teams in London & Manchester will still be directly responsible for, and oversee all patient care.

The advisors will not stock or supply any of the prescription medication, their role is to help patients achieve more long term healthy lifestyle  and weight-loss goals through the SkinnyJab dietary & nutritional plans. Caroline Balazs believes that physical interactive, educational sessions and support groups held locally every week will be a huge step forward to tackling the obesity crisis.

If you would like to become an an Official SkinnyJab  Support Advisor, we are assessing applications for our course on Monday 3rd September 2018. For more information, Follow the links on our website

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