Teejay's Story

I’ve always  been a size 10 and weighed around 9 1/2 stone, but two years ago I started to battle with weight gain, I went for tests and all was ok but apparently due to menopause my body was changing and weight gain was one of the major factors.

I tried many diets .. and shakes but nothing worked for me I spent thousands of pounds trying to shed these excess pounds I had put on .. I was beginning to  give up hope and accept me for the person I had become  when suddenly browsing on google, I came across an advertisement for SkinnyJab.

After reading about this remarkable product and doing some research , I decided this would be my final attempt if this didn’t work for me nothing would.  I gave customer services a call expressed my interest in SkinnyJab and I was booked in for an online consultation. The fact that the pen isn’t just given to you and that you have to under go a medical assessment to make sure your sugars and blood pressure showed me this was a legit and professional company with professional trained people working around the clock to provide you all the after care you need, providing dietary requirements to fit your needs and weekly aftercare phone calls to check in with you.

I started SkinnyJab 1 week ago and today is my 2nd week I have stayed at 0.6 daily and I’ve already lost 7lbs, I’ve never lost that much weight  on any diet I’ve been on in just one week.

I have found this product amazing which gave me more motivation to continue. If you are going via the instructions given you will see the most amazing results. What you must remember is a hearty breakfast eat as much as you want, followed by your jab.  The only advise I can give to anyone wanting to try skinnyjab is before starting it you have to be fully committed and have a good mindset to achieve the goals you want. I can reassure any one that it does work. This is why I’m writing this post to share my experience so far with skinny jab I still have 3 weeks to go using my first pen. I’m over the moon with my results this product does work no scam no false marketing of product nothing hidden .. All I can advise is you have to be in it to win it .. I highly recommend this programme to anyone wanting to loose those stubborn pounds that just won’t budge ..

Thankyou to everyone for supporting me x

TeeJay Brookes

If you would like to begin your journey, please call 0330 9000 970 or 0161 266 2343 for bookings & information



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