Time To Reflect

So its a really bad state of affairs with this Corona virus. I contracted it two days ago so it has become very real indeed. I'm ok, but very short of breath and on strong medication to help with this. I will recover, but I can really see how the elderly and those in not the greatest health could wind up in a very critical and life threatening situation.

So maybe this is a time to reflect and take stock. Our busy crazy lives have been abruptly stopped. All the activities that we normally do are, in a blink of an eye, have suddenly, become not normal at all.

This dramatic change has caused a huge shift in how we normally do things. We have had to re-think everything. In to 2-3 generations since the war, we have known nothing like it. We have been incredibly spoilt over the past 20-30 years, we have never known real poverty or starvation like our ancestors may have experienced within  past 100 years.

This virus has brought home (quite literally) how vulnerable we all are. Going to the gym or pub after work, is not on the agenda anymore. Socialising and physically communicating with our co-workers is rapidly becoming out of bounds.

Maybe its a good thing, maybe it forcing us to re-evaluate our lives, consider what is important, who really matters at the end of the day. Our home should always be our sanctuary, not a prison, so I really hope the British public see the positives that can be gained from this unprecedented curfew that has been forced upon us.

When I told my staff today that they had the option to work from home, they all jumped at the opportunity, virtually looting the computers out of our shops! We have the technology, so now is the time to use it.

We do need to take stock of where we are going, bringing the family and neighbours all back together, I see as only a good way forward. Supplies in the supermarkets are at an all time low, again never experienced in our lifetime. So we need to start thinking about our neighbours, the elderly and actually start caring again for others to those living on our doorstep, rather than being totally self centered and selfish. The isolation is causing us to be more aware of our immediate surroundings and helping those in need. Probably not seen since the 1940's.

I've offered two jobs to people I know who have been directly effected by this as their own businesses will not get through this crisis. Its given me great pleasure to be able to help these hard working individuals and their talents a fantastic bonus to my business.

We have to remain positive, no matter what, it always got me through my darkest times, and I've been through a few!!!

SkinnyJab is still operating, we are looking at a home delivery service, so watch this space. This is the time to look at your health and get yourself strong and be ready to fight whatever challenges we face.




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