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"All our plans are fully researched to get best results. Don’t be fooled that the ‘drug’ element will do all the work for you. Professional guidance  and management is key.

If you not booking on here, then it’s NOT SkinnyJab. We are trying to tackle the fakes and scammers, but you also need to be vigilant 

I don’t want another disappointed person thinking they bought SkinnyJab, when they were conned with something cheaper which they thought was the same

We have an excellent record of safety, minimal side effects and fantastic weight loss success. Any bad reviews are from competitors. These are NOT our patients and that can be proved. These companies stop at nothing to try and bring us down, but we won’t stop doing our good work. We won’t stop researching for better products and we won’t stop treating our patients with the utmost care and attention that they deserve 

I found & made SkinnyJab, it changed my life and my passion for changing yours is not going to stop anytime soon"

Here Is My Story...

Sometimes, you feel that everyone and everything is against you. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the universe finally throws you a lifeline, that changes your life in more ways than one. And that is exactly what happened to me.

It was mid January 2017, not the most exciting time of year, but to make it worse, I was trying to dodge a few curved balls. Some of which knocked me out cold. 
The biggest one, that truly sent me reeling, was finding out that the man I had adored for over 10 years was cheating on me right under my nose. I didn’t see that one coming at all. 
Really thought we had reached the stage in our relationship to be too old for all that messing about. I thought we had reached a really good place, how wrong could I have been.
Apparently, there was still lots of life in the old dog and he wasn’t giving up proving his manhood to half of Cheshire, anytime soon. 
They always say’ never trust a short man, his brain is too close to his bottom!’ And that proved to be very true indeed.
So on a very cold & rainy boring Saturday afternoon, my world was turned upside down when he arrived home with the new woman on his arm. Yes, you heard me right, he waltzed through the door with her, just like that!! Cheshire men are sooo not normal!

So that was that and the underlying issue, as I soon discovered, was all my fault for being overweight, of course it was!! 
Basically if I hadn’t put weight on, it would not have forced him to stray. Silly me! Why didn’t I think of that! 

Well as any peri-menopausal woman will tell you, weight gain in late 40’s is a little hard to avoid. My days of strutting my stuff in a bikini the size of 3 small vegetable samosas tied together with 2 strings of pasta, were well and truly over. And Heading towards 50 at a rapid rate of knots, it’s not what I wanted either.

But nevertheless, I was truly devastated, rejected and felt so ugly. I couldn’t be the girl he met in her 30’s, so I was pushed out for someone who was. 

The preceding years, I had my ups and downs, as everyone does, but this latest stunt, really changed something in me. I was dead inside, with no hope of resurrection untill I happened to have a chance conversation with a Pharmacist at work.

I confided in my concerns with my weight. It didn’t matter what I did, whether it was to eat, or not eat, nothing made any difference. My metabolism was screwed up from years of crazy diets and now my age was catching up with me. There was no answer and I had actually decided to accept the situation.

Anyway, the pharmacist explained that there was indeed a new drug, just licensed for weightloss in the UK. It had been used in the USA with fabulous results.

She didn’t even have to finish her sentence, I was hot-footing it to the pharmacy around the corner. I ordered it that very day and it arrived few days later.

Then 6 weeks later and 2 rounds of medication done, I was 2 stone lighter. It was a miracle.

This was the best thing ever. I felt amazing, had come off sugar completely and was maintaining a really healthy diet like never before.

By this time everyone around me wanted to know what I was doing. Due to successful results with friends and family. By mid March 2017, I had set up a small clinic in a nearby private hospital and I named the programme ‘SkinnyJab’. I quickly trademarked this name.

By July 2017, word was getting around that this stuff really worked. So much so that a freelance journalist caught up with me and decided to write my story. This subsequently got published in The Daily Mail on 31st August 2017. Then the trouble began, every fast buck merchant jumped on the bandwagon. Every beauty salon and online pharmacy wanted to sell it to make a quick profit. This was just irresponsible and dangerous. 

As a healthcare practitioner and experienced nurse of over 30 years, patient safety is first and foremost. This was being abused by unscrupulous business people who didn’t care whether you lost weight or not, they just wanted to sell as many pens as possible, and they still do!

Meanwhile SkinnyJab was not behaving in this manner. We spent the following 12 months studying how we could improve the efficacy of the medication with different dietary combinations. We re-invested money for research purposes. The results were incredible, the side effects minimal and the risk to patient safety negligible.

Almost 3 years on and over 15,000 patients treated and over 50 tonnes of pure fat removed from the British public. Hopefully this is a small start by giving hope that being fat does not have to be part of your future.

I have lots of ideas and plans. I really want to make a difference, so we are looking at programmes to make this more accessible to everyone who is struggling with their weight.

I have maintained my weight and just go back on the programme as I need to. My relationship with food is the best it’s ever been and that is the only one I want, oh and the one I have with my beautiful dogs!


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