Introducing SkinnyJab

Our groundbreaking programme helps to reduce hunger, eliminate cravings & build lasting positive habits!


Introducing SkinnyJab

Our groundbreaking programme helps to reduce hunger, eliminate cravings & build lasting positive habits!


How Does SkinnyJab Work?

Wave goodbye to hunger

Have you failed with diets because you feel hungry all the time?

We have been there too.​

Put simply, hunger is an enormous barrier to weight-loss.​

The SkinnyJab® plan can remove hunger from the equation.

Using a tried-and-tested medical revolution, which acts as an appetite suppressant, the SkinnyJab® programme can reduce your hunger.

This allows you to eat less while avoiding the cravings for those troublesome snacks.​

Our slimmers typically experience a loss of hunger after just three days with the SkinnyJab® plan.

Naturally reduce portion sizes

Portion sizes have a remarkable effect on the success or failure of a weight-loss programme.

The problem is that when you start a new diet, your appetite doesn't naturally shrink to meet the reduced portions.

​In a short period of time, ​the SkinnyJab® plan can suppress your appetite for big portions of food, effectively shrinking your stomach and preparing your body to expect less food.​

After just a couple of days on the SkinnyJab® plan, our slimmers tend to reduce their meals down to a healthy, modest breakfast and then a small snack for lunch and supper.

Release your stored fat

Ketoacidosis is the scientific term for a dreadful condition that your body can develop when cells are unable to get the sugar (glucose) they need for energy.

It's often referred to as 'starvation mode'.

For this very reason, some very low calorie or 'fasting' style fad-diets can present a real danger to your health.​

An appetite suppressant used in the SkinnyJab® plan can regulate the glucose level in your blood, allowing your body to use your stored fat for energy.

This means that you can safely consume small portions without experiencing the undesired effects of starvation mode.

Develop positive habits that last

The SkinnyJab® plan can help to control your appetite, providing you with a unique opportunity to develop some marvellous eating habits that can continue when you complete your treatment.​

During your weight-loss journey with us, we hope that you establish a love of cooking healthy, delicious food that's easy on the waistline.

We also encourage you to embrace gentle exercise.

Don't panic - we're not talking about a triathlon or competitive diving; rather a nice gentle walk, a refreshing swim or perhaps some time in the garden.

This is the healthy and proven revolution for the diet industry, it is here to stay!​

The SkinnyJab® Program

What's The Process?
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