Shaping Up For Summer!!

Still recovering from the Christmas excess? It only seems 5 minutes ago but now with spring upon us and summer looming, it's time to start thinking of getting bikini ready.

Some of our patients have already got of the starting block and been on the 1st programme, results are already happening.

This is Rachel (42) who appeared in the Daily Mail

with Caroline in August last year. She has been on our weight loss programme several times. She initially lost 3 stone in under 10 weeks, she has since maintained her goal weight for over a year now.

She is definitely en route to sizzle on the beach again this year.

Rachel's Before & After...

Another lovely patient, Amy (23), a model living in Manchester.

Having had her first child 6 months ago and struggling to lose the excess weight left over from her pregnancy. Coming to the end of maternity leave, she needed to get back into shape quickly as she has had shoots and modelling jobs that she would have had to cancel. She contacted us to see how we could help and bring back her pre-pregnancy shape as quickly as possible. Amy was no longer breastfeeding, so it was safe to start her weight loss treatment.

Goal weight achieved in just under 4 weeks with just one programme of SkinnyJab

Some these ladies lost upto 20lbs in 5 weeks, others achieved their goal within 3 weeks.

With our dietary advice and supportive aftercare service, this is not a dream, it is a reality with The SkinnyJab Plan.

No matter how much or how little you want to lose, it is all possible and specifically tailored to your individual needs.

We have lots more success stories to come, so watch this space....

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