Illegal Trading Of 'SkinnyJab'

SkinnyJab has been trading for over a year now with almost 3000 patients under their belt. The company went public in The Daily Mail on 31st August 2017 (read the article here)

This caused a flurry of interest from salon owners, nail bars, online pharmacies and business people hoping to make a quick buck from the idea. Overnight slimming clinics selling 'SkinnyJab' were popping up everywhere, money was and still is was ruthlessly taken from the unsuspecting public, thinking they were getting a genuine authentic product and service.

SkinnyJab is a registered trademarked brand, owned exclusively by Caroline Balazs BSc, MSc.IP, Aes.Med, the CEO of Delph Consultancy Ltd. She is specialist for obesity management, weight issues including nutrition, gastro-intestinal disorders and mental health. There are 4 main weekly clinics in Manchester, Warrington, Harley Street in London and Plymouth. Satellite clinics are spread across the UK with the option of face to face online consultations.

They use their own premises and specialist clinicians, and do not operate from salons, nails bars or tanning outlets. The SkinnyJab Programmes are unique to Delph Consultancy Ltd who also trade under the umbrella brand, Slim Care Medical. SkinnyJab is registered trade mark, but unauthorised use of the name by other traders is under investigation by legal and trading standards commitees as is confusing the public.

It is also illegal in the UK to not offer a face to face consultation, online pharmacies working off-shore are supplying weightloss medication, without seeing the patient. They are also using the 'SkinnyJab' and 'Caroline Balazs' name to promote their own business, this again is unauthorised use of a copyright brand

All slimming clinics must be CQC registered, Delph Consultancy Ltd is in the process of this, which is a long and complicated procedure, but all steps are been taken to make sure that this legiislation is adhered too. However their Harley St clinic is currently CQC registered.

Delph Consultancy Ltd is doing everything they can to stop this activity, as a bonfied and genuine company, they have a duty of care to the public to bring about this awareness. The team at SkinnyJab are commited to giving a top service with the correct dietary advice for best results and 24/7 aftercare support.

A private members forum is currently being created on the website, so patients have an online communication with other patients and our specialist practitioners, easier access to dietary tips, recipe ideas, menu plans and a whole host of other promotional healthcare information

Delph Consultancy are continually auditing their policies, procedures and protocols to ensure that the patient recieves the very best patient advice and care throughout their weight-loss journey. This level of expertise and commitment does not happen with other companies pretending to be 'SkinnyJab'

All first bookings go to the head office in Manchester via their central appointments system on 0330 9000 970. If you calling any other number, then its not a genuine SkinnyJab clinic. Online contact is only through our website and email is

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