Colon Cleansing & Boost Metabolism

A build up of bowel plaque from years of eating rubbish causes lethargy, fatigue, bloating, food intolerances, weight gain, skin conditions and allergies. These are signs that your bowel is struggling to function correctly and slows down metabolic activities

Antibiotics and oral contraceptives also play havoc with disturbing the colon's natural flora causing an imbalance resulting in candida proliferation. Over time this can give rise to joint problems and leaky gut. Oh, and most of us have parasites living in our guts too! These guests have over stayed their welcome and need to leave!

If you have been dieting and your weight has plateaued, to kick start losing those extra pounds, it may not be about eating less, but by having a good colon cleanse, this can fire up the metabolism to acheive further weight loss

By having a really good cleanse and using holistic therapies to actively rid the bowel of this toxic waste can dramatically improve well-being.

By being on The SkinnyJab programme, this can be a good opportunity to detoxify your system as well.

All our patients have automatic access to this information either on the website or via the advice given from our patient support team



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