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Jade has been one of our patients since late June, she started her journey with us on the 10th July, with just a week later she has lost 10lbs! This is well and truly fantastic results within just ONE week!

Jade described our programme 'Simple but Effective' ...

Our aim here at SkinnyJab is to make your weight loss goal become a reality with changing a unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one and maintaining it too!

Here at SkinnyJab, our patients are most importantly looked after and their goal is our goal, we aim to achieve best weight loss results within a matter of just a couple of weeks or months, depending on your weight loss goal. With our unique dietary plan, you will get best results with SkinnyJab!

After reviewing a patient audit over the last month, we have found that our unique dietary package and living a healthy lifestyle is absolutely crucial with our SkinnyJab Programme. Patients have been resulting in amazing weight loss goals in just 3 weeks!

Jade's Story

"At the age of 23 I’ve always struggled with my weight forever a yoyo and not being able to keep it off as I love food I didn’t think anything could make me feel full....finding SkinnyJab on instagram has been the best thing that’s happened to me it was my last chance to loose weight so I gave the team a call and they put me at ease a friendly voice at the end of the line talked me through all the steps, I couldn’t make it to Harley street so I opted for a FaceTime call with a consultant. The easiest process ever at a time that suited me 2 days later I started the jab the instruction given on face time how to administer the jab was perfect it doesn’t hurt one bit the online video was fab for a re cap before I injected for the first time now I’m a pro. The diet plan given in the pack is perfect for breakfast ideas, as it’s the most important and I would say best meal of the day, with just protein and vegetables after the jab I thought I would be starving but I was fine i wasn’t flagging at all after an ten hour work day I was still perky a miracle...on day 3 this is when I started feeling that I couldn’t even finish the big salad I would have to compensate for no carbs, the quantity of food I consume has reduced massively but the quality is much great in nutritional value no need to grab a biscuit at my work desk anymore, I have received a great after care from skinny jab via email to see how I am getting on how much I am loosing and how I’m feeling. I would recommend this to anyone battling weight loss as this has been the easiest thing I have ever done the diet is simple but affective administering the jab is pain free I have been on the jab for exactly a week today and have lost a total of 10lbs without feeling hungry, I can’t wait to see my next few weeks results, Love Jade x"

Before & After

Before & After

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