Your health journey doesn’t have to stop!

With the world feeling dire right now, gyms closing and a lot of uncertainty in the air – you may feel disheartened regarding your weight loss. Almost as though there are too many obstacles now for you to achieve your goals!

Well, that’s not true, now is the perfect time to really practice your self-discipline and smash out your goals without worrying about commuting to the gym or having the temptation of a naughty meal at a restaurant!

Latest news has also shown that those who are obese or overweight are more prone to contracting the Coronavirus than those at a healthy weight. 7 in 10 patients admitted to ICU in the UK were overweight or obese. With the government also restricting outdoor exercise to just once a day, the risk of putting on weight has increased, especially for those with a BMI of 27 and over. It’s important to look after our health more now than ever!

We’re going to give you a list of things you can do at home to make sure you still achieve your goals and keep the pounds off during these times of uncertainty. Keep reading and together we can stay safe and healthy!

Home Workouts

Say hello to your new gym, whether it be your living room, back garden or bedroom – there will be a space that you can do some quick and simple home workouts. Yes, you probably won’t have a lot of equipment – but it’s time to make do!

You can do a lot of cardio workouts or if you do have weighted workouts, you can use bodyweight or even get creative. Use your coffee table book or something heavy from the kitchen and make do.

Keep an eye out on our social media where we’ll be posting a ton of home workouts over the next few weeks and also some more blogs coming your way.

Cook Creatively

Since you don’t have as many time pressures as you used to, why not get creative and cook some exciting, healthy meals you have never tried before?

We have a blog with some healthy, gourmet meal ideas you can try so that you can try some new healthy meals whilst still having that delicious 5* taste. You can read that here.

If you’re stuck for meal inspiration, we do also have a ton of that over on our social media too! Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, meal prep – you name it – we’ve got some ideas for it.

Develop a positive mindset

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be easy to forget about your goals or feel too busy to stick to them. Now you’ve got the time, take it to remind yourself why you created these goals in the first place. Picture yourself as the version of you after you’ve accomplished your goals, remember how that makes you feel.

Use this time to get in the habit of preparing your meals and cutting out the bad stuff, so that then when life does return to normal, you’re already adapted to a better way of living!

We know it’s scary right now, but creating a routine for yourself will help everything to feel as normal as it can.

You can follow our social media here to keep up to date with all business updates, get home workouts and meal inspiration.

It’s still business as usual for our team at Skinny Jab, except for clinic visits being temporarily paused.

We hope you’re all staying safe!


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