Obesity Doubles Risk Of Contracting Covid-19

Revealed, the reason why obese people may be more at risk of coronavirus: Fat cells make large amounts of a protein used by the deadly infection to infiltrate human cells

The coronavirus latches onto ACE-2 receptors, known as the 'gateway' into cells

Scientists said fat cells express high levels of ACE-2 which make them a target

ACE-2 is also widely expressed in the fat cells of people with type 2 diabetes 

The UK Government are looking into the links between obesity and COVID-19

Drugs like Saxenda that help prevent and control onset of Diabetes and licensed for weight-loss, may be crucial in helping us fight the disease.


Somerset, UK. July 28 2018. A morbidly obese couple sit on a bench in the street. Almost 1 in 3 British adults are now estimated to be obese with the majority of the population being overweight. According to latest research, being overweight can double your risk of contracting Covid-19.


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