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Average weight loss is 8-15lbs within the first 3-4 week course 


The Initial programme lasts 3/4 weeks, this includes full medical consultation, clinical assessment, complete home care package, ongoing aftercare and out of hours support service. 


You will have access to a clinician or trained advisor 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. The call centre service with staff on hand to direct your enquiry, is open 24/7 with immediate access to clinicians as required 


Our unique programme is designed to achieve weight loss that stays off. Dietary planning during and when finished the course has been specifically devised by Caroline the CEO & Founder of SkinnyJab to maximise your weight loss results, we have successfully treated over 7000 patients


SkinnyJab Daily Programme (3-4 Weeks)- £249
Skinny7 Weekly Programme (4 Weeks) - £350
Currently On Offer, Save £150
All Programmes Include 24/7 Aftercare, Dietary Programme, Support & Advice To Maximise Your Weight Loss Results  


We have clinics based in London, Manchester, Essex, Sheffield & Liverpool. Alternatively, if you cannot reach our clinic, you can book a online consultation 


The Online Service


Can't travel?

Nearest Clinic still too far away?

Want to start immediately?


Our friendly Clinicians are now available for live face to face consultations via FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype - Android or IPhone.

The programme and service exactly the same as if you were at one of our clinics 

Can be at a time and date to suit you

Completely Private and all done in the comfort of your own home

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