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What Is The Cost?


The cost is £199 for the 3-4 week course 

How Does SkinnyJab Work?

The Initial programme lasts 3/4 weeks, this includes full medical consultation, clinical assessment, complete home care package, ongoing aftercare and out of hours support service.

It is a daily injection and works as a appetite suppressant followed by our unique diet programme, the programme is super simple!

You will have access to a clinician or trained advisor 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. The call centre service with staff on hand to direct your enquiry, is open 24/7 with immediate access to clinicians as required

Our unique programme is designed to achieve weight loss that stays off. Dietary planning during and when finished the course has been specifically devised by Caroline the CEO & Founder of SkinnyJab to maximise your weight loss results, we have successfully treated over 6000 patients.

What is the difference between the weekly and daily?

 Daily Programme (SkinnyJab) - 3/4 Weeks

We would advise all patients to begin on the daily to get a feel for the programme, average weight loss on the daily injection is anything from 10-18lbs within the first 4 week course

The daily programme is brilliant when followed by our dietary programme and aftercare, we make sure you get the most out of your jab. This daily injection requires patience and dedication.


Weekly Programme (Skinny7) - Long Acting Drug - 4 Weeks

The weekly programme is great for patients who have busy lifestyles, no time to prepare meal times and no time to do a daily injection due to commitments. The weekly programme is more powerful than the daily injection, it can be brilliant after a few months on the daily programme for that maximised weight loss

*We would really recommend to speak to our advisors to see which would be the best option for you


Average weight loss is 10-20lbs in 4 weeks, the programme is 4 weeks long


What about after the 4 weeks?


Depending on your weight loss, if you wanted to continue, repeat jabs are £175 for the daily and £400 for the weekly, you are not in any type of contract with us. You can purchase when you please.


Where Are The Clinics?


We have clinics based in London, Manchester, Essex, Liverpool or you can do our online service

Can't travel? Nearest Clinic still too far away? Want to start immediately?

You can access this from anywhere in the world whether you are in Ireland, USA or Australia... We can get our programme to you with our special postal service


Online consultations ... How does this work?


The programme and service is exactly the same as if you were at one of our clinics. It can be at a time and date to suit you and it is completely private and all done in the comfort of your own home. After booking an appointment, once you have spoken to our clinical advisors and you are happy to go ahead with the programme, we send this to you within 2-5 days via APC courier 

Is it suitable for me?

We would advise that patients will require a BMI of over 25 to do SkinnyJab. However, we medically screen every patient to make sure that you are fit for treatment 

Is it safe?


Yes! The SkinnyJab Programme is licensed for weight loss purposes

*We assess your suitability from your medical health care form*


What are the side effects?


Side effects may be slight headache, nausea, tiredness however not everyone receives side effects and our clinical advisors are always on hand to advise you throughout the programme.


Do I get support & aftercare during the programme?


Yes! Weight loss is not easy and we know that, we hold your hand the whole way through before and after the programme. Once you are a patient of ours, you are always a patient.

Every patient is different, our aftercare and advise is tailored to you however you will not be alone.


Important things to know:

It is not just about the jab, the jab plays a small factor in the programme, it reduces the effects of hunger and any dips you experience whilst doing a diet. The dietary programme we have devised is tailored to you and your weight loss goal. It is important to follow our aftercare advise and the dietary programme in which will maximise your overall weight loss goal.

Patient Notice:
It is HIGHLY important to do your research

Please be aware that there are several companies ‘pretending’ to be SkinnyJab and mis-selling you products that are not from us. This is highly irresponsible and dangerous to your safety
With SkinnyJab you get full information, instructions and a comprehensive 24/7 aftercare service within an exclusive package containing our magazine
If you do not receive this then you have been ‘missold’ and you need to report the company that you did purchase from, to trading standards. This is the only way we can stop the public being cheated and conned.
We are the original SkinnyJab and we have put years of research and dedication in this programme for our patients to achieve the best weight loss possible.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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